New Dates for the 10th International Conference on Tularemia

COVID-19 has has precluded our ability to physically congregate safely at meetings to share our work so we have postponed the conference to Monday, September 25 through Thursday, September 28, 2023! 

25-28 September, 2023

International Conference

The Society shall sponsor an International tularemia Conference every third year. The Society shall endeavor to have the meeting rotate among a variety of geographical areas. This conference shall be managed by the Symposium Committee.

There shall be a General Business Meeting of the Society at each International Tularemia Conference. The President shall present a report on the affairs of the Society. The Treasurer shall present an audited account of the finances.


The Society may award a prize or prizes at the General Meetings. These may take the form of prizes for (a) excellent work as a student or scholarship applicant, (b) recognition of accomplishment in the field, or for (c) service to TULISOC. Award decisions will be made by the Scientific Committee.

Awarding of prizes in category (a) is encouraged at all scientific meetings and should be included in meeting budgets. Awarding of other prizes is contingent upon appropriate nominations and recommendations and need not be made annually. Such prizes may or may not include a monetary award or memento.

Advisory Groups

In the case of specific needs and emergencies, the Executive Committee may appoint appropriate specialists to act as a temporary Advisory Group to provide information, education and/or training to individuals within and outside the Society. Advisory Groups are dissolved upon completion of their charge.

Visit the 9th International Conference on Tularemia, which was held in Montreal, Canada from October 16-19, 2018. Download Detailed Program & Information pdf

Working session and abstract submission topics:

  • Human Infections and Treatment; Co-chairs – Max Maurin and Anders Sjöstedt
  • Epidemiology and Ecology; Co-chairs – Kiersten Kugeler and Racquel Escudero
  • Host Response and Immunity; Co-chairs – Katy Bosio and Thomas Henry
  • Vaccines; Co-chairs – Karl Klose and Terry Wu
  • Bacteriology, gene regulation, stress; Co-chairs – Petra Oyston and Simon Dove
  • Pathogenesis and Cell Biology; Chairs – Lee-Ann Allen and Marina Šantić

Program at a Glance