The duties and responsibilities of the Executive Council shall be as follows:

  1. To evaluate and ratify the policies of the Society;
  2. To fill vacancies in elected offices and Executive Council positions from a list of candidates provided by the Nomination Committee;
  3. To approve the budget as submitted by the Finance Committee;
  4. To approve the addition or deletion of Standing Committees;
  5. To approve the addition or deletion of Temporary Committees;
  6. To accept and approve reports submitted by committees of the Society;
  7. To give consensus advice on matters affecting the Society or its conduct;
  8. To participate in scheduled TULISOC Council meetings.

Before agreeing to stand for election, Executive Council nominees should agree that, if elected, they will make every effort to:

  1. Attend at least 2/3 of the Executive Council Meetings during their term of office;
  2. Respond promptly to ballots or other TULISOC business;
  3. Carry out, in a timely manner, all duties or tasks delegated to them by the President or Council, including all duties associated with their membership on TULISOC committees.