Succession of Officers

In the absence of the President, the order of succession shall be through the President-elect/Secretary and Treasurer.

Election of Officers

Elections to these offices shall take place by electronic ballot before the end of the calendar year of the International Conference. A slate of candidates shall be announced at the Conference, prior to balloting. A special election may be held if an office becomes vacant, but in the case of Secretary or Treasurer in the latter part of a term, the Council may elect an interim officer.


Any officer of the Society may resign at any time by giving thirty days notice to the Executive Council.


The Executive Council (Article V, Section 1) shall have the power, by a two-thirds secret ballot vote, to remove an individual from any position for conduct prejudicial to the interest of the Society, provided that any such officer shall have received at least thirty days notice of the time of the vote concerning the officer’s possible removal, together with a copy of the charges against such officer, so that such officer may have an opportunity to provide a written rebuttal to such charges to the Executive Council Members.

Amendments to the By-laws

On recommendation by a majority of the Council, or by a written proposal signed by not fewer than twenty Society members (Regular, Special, or Emeritus), these By-laws may be amended by a simple majority of votes cast in an electronic or a mail ballot of voting Society members. Written notice of the text of proposed amendments must be distributed to all members along with the ballot. Changes in the By-laws shall go into effect upon closing and counting of the ballots.

Administration of Funds

All checks and drafts drawn upon the Society’s bank accounts, all bills of exchange and promissory notes, and all acceptances, obligations and other instruments for the payment of money, shall be arranged so that they must be signed by no less than two elected officers of the Council. All bank accounts held in the name of the Society shall strive to be structured so that they provide accountability, protection from personal liability, and the capacity for individuals to claim personal federal income tax deductions for their donations.