Executive Council Members

Elected Officers:


Marina Šantić
University of Rijeka, Croatia
e-mail: Marina Šantić


Max Maurin
University of Grenoble Alpes, France
e-mail: Max Maurin

Outgoing Treasurer

Karl Klose
e-mail: Karl Klose


Jason Huntley
University of Toledo, USA
e-mail: Jason Huntley



Wayne Conlan
NRC, Canada,

Siobhán Cowley

Contact the Society Office:

Joan Oefner, TULISOC Manager & Webmaster

E-mail: Joan Oefner

Appointed Officers: The Chairpersons of all active Standing Committees.

Up to three additional members may serve on the Executive Council. The members shall be nominated by the President and/or other members of the Executive Council. Their acceptance shall be determined by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Council. Their terms of office will be two years, with potential for renewal to serve in this capacity again, or on the Executive Council in another capacity, for additional terms. Wide geographic representation on the Executive Council shall be encouraged.

Executive Council Meetings

Regular meetings of the Executive Council shall be held at least annually at such time and place as may be determined by the President. Meetings may be actual, via conference call, or via e-mail discussion, and may be called at any time by the President or any three Executive members. A majority of the members of Council shall constitute a quorum. If, and only if, a quorum is present, business of the Society shall be conducted.